Like a candle, burning at both ends


I didn’t mean to take a break  there.  Last Thursday, I found myself sitting on my bum, remembering that I hadn’t written an inspiration post, and that I had nothing to update, because I hadn’t finished anything.  I inhaled, and said quietly, “I am burned out.  How am I burned out already?”    I tried to find the source of the burn out.  Had I started too fast?  Had we been too busy?  Too bad, a busy weekend was coming up.   In spite of the business, I slept like a rock most weekend nights.  Usually insomnia keeps me up late, but provides ample crafting and reading time.

Earlier this week, my older son and I both woke feeling questionable.  Question Answered.  So, I’m battling a virus over here that’s left me feeling uninspired and burned out.  So, I’ll be back on Monday to share some inspiration, but for now, I’d love to hear what gets you going when you’re feeling like throwing in the towel. 


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