Update: January 17


This week has been a great catch-up week.  I finished my socks plus another project, got ahead of the game with reading, and rocked the party with my a new recipe.  Still excited and motivated.

Books:  I finished Good Omens, then tore through Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey in one sitting, and followed that up with Little House in the Suburbs. I recommend all of them.

Projects:  The same night I finished the socks, I got an idea for the world’s laziest project.  I was gifted some beeswax at Christmas time from a beekeeper friend.  After reading up on homemade balms, I put the wax in a jar with coconut oil (1 part wax to 2 parts oil), and set it on a candle warmer. Occasionally, I’d walk past and swirl the mixture around.  Once it was all melted, I took it off the warmer and let it harden.  Best lip/hand balm I’ve ever had, with very little effort.

Recipe:  This quiche was awesome. And with just four of us, it yielded some great leftovers.  This recipe from smitten kitchen was outstanding.  I used Joy the Baker’s no-roll crust recipe, and they were perfectly paired.  My husband said that the crust tasted like it had pretzels in it.

This week: 

Book:  The Rosie Project  (this one came highly recommended, and  the kindle version is $1.99 at this moment)
Project:  a collaboration with my kids inspired by this one
Recipe:  These rolls will make a nice addition to some split pea soup I’m planning on for this weekend.


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