Update: January 10


I was so ready to go last week, so high  on the excitement of a new year, and so ready to just rock it out.  Then I got sick, then my husband got sick, and things just fell behind, so I gave myself and extension on my socks and my book.  I did, however, finish another book and make the planned recipe, so let’s focus on that.

Book: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins    I know a lot of people were unhappy about this book, but I really enjoyed most of it.  The scenes in The Capitol are just not as well-done as the rest of the series, and it makes it harder to enjoy that part.  I listened to this while walking and in my car, and I still don’t like the reader I disliked in Catching Fire.  While I meant to start the year with Good Omens, perhaps a book about Armageddon isn’t the best way to start a year.

Project:  Still plugging away at Hermione’s Everyday Socks.  Those size one needles just take their sweet time, but the results are so nice.  The picture above is from the first sock, but the second is at the same place.  I’m getting there and hope to finish it this weekend.

Recipe:  I tried Dinner: a Love Story’s Pasta with Pea and Pancetta .  I was mostly excited to try out a recipe with pancetta, , but it was sort of underwhelming.  I’d have enjoyed it more with leftover ham, and if I make it again, I’ll do that.  My kids were underwhelmed, and we were hungry two hours later.  It would probably make a better lunch than dinner.

Up next:

Book:  Good Omens
Project:  Knitting A Noble Cowl  OR finishing a baby quilt. We’ll see how this weekend plays out.
Recipe: Smitten Kitchen’s Spinach Quiche


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