Update: January 3


In an effort to keep things documented, I’ll be writing on Fridays to update progress in addition to completed project updates.  

This week I chose the projects, books, and recipes I want to complete in January, then assigned deadlines to each of them.  Instead of measuring weeks by Sunday to Saturday, I’m going by every seven days.  This allows for weekends to be in the middle of the time frame to finish it them in, and I think that will help.  

As for this week, I’m behind already.  A stomach bug laid me out on the couch for the better part of a day.  I also  broke my sewing machine last week, which forced plans to be adjusted.  A little extra effort should get me back on track.  

In progress this week: 

Project:  Hermione’s Everyday Socks 
Book:  Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Recipe:  Pasta with Peas and Pancetta  (this will be dinner tonight) 

I’ll be back on Monday to share some encouraging posts about goals I’ve come across.  Have a great weekend!  


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